Expert Sewer and Drain Cleaning

LA Plumbing & Builders are the experts at Sewer and Drain Cleaning, one of the most problematic plumbing issues in your home. With well over 15+ years of experience, LA Plumbing & Builders can help fix the most problematic sewer and drain cleaning issues and offers our premium sewer and drain related rooting and cleaning services that include:

  • Laundry line rooting
  • Bathtub rooting
  • Kitchen sink rooting
  • Bathroom sink rooting
  • Shower rooting
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Toilet rooting
  • floor drain rooting
  • septic tank cleaning
  • sewer and drain cleaning,
  • installation and repair

LA Plumbing & Builders is Fully Equipped

We use only specialized plumbing tools like locator tool to detect the old lines via electromagnetic equipment or modern ground-penetrating radar.

What’s Involved?

We normally deploy sewer video cameras that visually inspect the interiors of pipelines. Hydro jets, to clear the sewer line and if it comes to it, trench-less sewer line replacement and if necessary we have the ability to use high-pressure hydraulic pumps to replace the existing sewer line.

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