Kitchens and bathrooms pose some of the greatest plumbing problems for homeowners. Much of our lives revolve around these two rooms to cook, clean, shower, and brush our teeth on a daily basis. When something goes wrong in one of these critical areas, it can be a huge headache that inconveniences ones family. While kitchen and bath plumbing services may seem expensive to some, imagine the added cost of eating out every night because your sink is clogged and you cannot wash dishes or having to go without a shower or brush your teeth for a few days.

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LA Plumbing & Builders can help you save money and keep your family comfortable and are available for both residential and commercially to plumb kitchen sinks, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, showers, garbage disposals and more.

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LA Plumbing & Builders is a fully licensed and trained plumbers who can take care of both major and minor issues affecting everything in your kitchen and baths from your toilet to your shower system. Don’t let a small plumbing problems escalate to become a more expensive and difficult and possible dangerous problem.

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