Hydro Jet Experience

Over the years LA Plumbing & Builders has used a variety of different methods for perform drain cleaning (Chemical Drain Cleaning, Plumbers Snake etc.). And from the many years of experience in dislodging a drain or sewer throughout Los Angeles we’ve stand solidly that the best way to implement drain cleaning is through Hydro Jet.

How It Works

Hydro Jet devices are somewhat similar to power washers in that they both use highly pressurized water to remove grime to dislodge a clogged drain, or sewer backup head-on, but while a pressure washer has one nozzle, a Hydro Jet has various and those additional nozzles work on the sides of a pipe to take care of materials that have collected on the pipes and could become a clog in the future.

We truly believe that a Hydro Jet Service is a safer, more effective and eco-friendly method for drain cleaning.

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