LA Plumbing & Builders is the earthquake gas valve specialist for your home or business.

Los Angeles is earthquake country, which has only increased public awareness of the need for protective services like earthquake valves. For over 15+ years, LA Plumbing & Builders has been installing earthquake gas valves throughout Los Angeles for both homes and businesses.

Mandated by law

Since 2002, California law and building codes state that constituents must install an earthquake valve at their home or business on all applicable gas meters on any building that they own.

How Earthquake Valves Work

Earthquake valves are special pieces of equipment specifically designed to automatically close your home or business gas line during major seismic events and prevent the kind of devastating damage that comes not from the earthquake itself, but from the broken pipes, damaged service lines, and leaking gas that often occurs in the immediate wake of a major seismic event.

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Increase Safety

A gas shut off valve ensures that your home and business will be protected after an earthquake as occurred. Increasing the safety in the home and work. All Earthquake gas valves are installed on the gas meter of a home or business. We can install two types of natural gas valves that are currently employed in most home and business gas meter setups. While one of these quake valves employs a simple motion-sensing ball, the other employs a sensor which can detect an excessive flow of gas (often caused by a line break) and respond by shutting of all gas services. For over 15 years, LA Plumbing & Builders Plumbing are the Earthquake Gas Valve Installation Specialists in Los Angeles.

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